Speakers at TTISICON represent the doers and thinkers who innovate and disrupt the talent management industry. Carefully selected, each TTISICON speaker will surely deliver a powerful, actionable message.

Our 2018 Keynote Speaker

Kevin Paul Scott

Kevin is recognized as one of the most innovative people in the world of global, student, and thought leadership. Whether you have seen the fruits of Kevin’s work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands or have seen him featured on popular news channels, there’s a lot from Kevin’s lessons in the pursuit of excellence that you’ll be able to apply to your own work and life.

General Session Speakers

CEO & Co-founder,
TTI Success Insights

Senior Vice President of Research & Development, TTI Success Insights

Chief Strategy Officer,
TTI Success Insights

President of Global Distribution,
TTI Success Insights

Chief Business Development Officer,
TTI Success Insights

President, Bluewater Advisory, & Managing Director, Bluewater Search

Director of Distributor,
TTI Success Insights

Founder, Peña Global Consulting Group

CEO & Founder, INSIGHTS MDI International® Deutschland GmbH,

Senior Vice President of Professional Services, TTI Success Insights
Breakout Session Speakers
More speakers to be added soon!
Founder, Executive Career Consulting & Managing Director, Bluewater Search

Founder & CEO,
Profiles 2020, Inc.

Owner & President,
Data Dome, Inc.

Founder, President and CEO, Projectivity Solutions
CEO, LiveThrive Performance Systems, Inc.
President, Corter Consulting

Behavioral Analyst,
Eure Consulting

Director of Global Marketing,
TTI Success Insights

Platinum Business Strategies

President, The Metiss Group
Advisor, The Metiss Group

Senior Research Scientist,
TTI Success Insights

President, The Oval Group LLC
President, Performance Solutions MN Inc.
Executive Coach
Partner, XQ Innovation
Co-founder, The Strategen Group

Solutions Consultant,
TTI Success Insights

Executive Coach & Team Dynamics Specialist, Price Associates

Moore Power Sales

Owner, Murray Associates

Priceless Professional Development

President, The R Group, LLC

Author of the award-winning book
“Stop Selling Vanilla Ice Cream”

Founder, The DISC Wizard

Russell Martin & Associates

President, Paragon Resources, Inc. &
Competitive Edge Holdings, LLC

Workshop Facilitator, Association for Talent Development

Founder & CEO,
Competitive Edge, Inc.

President, infoQuest Management Consulting Corporation
Market Analyst, TTI Success Insights
Principal, Projectivity Solutions

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