TTISICON 2018 Podcast

The question is this: what value does TTISICON2018 give you, an entrepreneur who builds your business from the ground up? The best way to answer that question is to learn all about what we, the team at TTI Success Insights, put into planning a conference of this size. In this podcast, we’ll give you the chance to peek behind the curtain and see how we’re getting ready for conference so you can make the most of TTISICON or any other conference you attend.

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Episode 1
“Why we’re talking about TTISICON”

Candice, our Marketing director talks about a new podcast channel for VAAs.

Episode 2
“What does Reimagining Excellence mean” with David Bonnstetter

Dave Bonnstetter, CEO of TTI Success Insights discusses the theme of the conference “Reimagining Excellence”. He explains what re-imagining excellence means for the company and Value Added Associates. He also talks about how TTI Success Insights has transitioned over the past few years and what does our future looks like.

Episode 3
“The four pillars of TTISICON” with Rick Bowers

Rick, President of global distribution, discusses the theme of conference “Reimagining Excellence”. He shares how did he and the leadership team come up with the theme. He also talks about why reimaging excellence is the right way to go ahead.

Episode 4
“ROI of Conference” with Adam Wong

Adam Wang, Senior Vice President of Professional Services at TTI Success Insights talks about the findings at the conference. he discusses how conference in the past has helped Value Added Associate to grow and how it can help them in future.

Episode 5
“Networking Tips for Conference” with Cassandra Nelson

Cassandra Nelson, Solutions Consultant at TTI Success Insights shares her networking tips at the conference. She talks about various ways of approaching people at the conference.

Episode 6
“Fun Stuff at Conference” with Cindy Rosser

Cindy Rosser, New Business Development Advisor talks about all the fun stuff that happens at the conference. She shares some of her past moments at the conference where she made life long friends. She also encourages everyone to be at the conference not only for business stuff but also for having fun and making new friends.

Episode 7
“Our Keynote Speaker” with Kevin Paul Scott

Kevin Paul Scott, co-founder of ADDO worldwide goes on explaining what Reimagining Excellence means for him.

Episode 8
“The Global Aspects of TTISICON” with Trevor O’Sullivan

Trevor, MD for Australian and New Zealand market explains what reimagining excellence means for him.

Episode 9
“How important TTISICON is for VAAs?” with Jeb Brooks

Jeb Brooks, President and CEO of The Brooks Group, talks about his experience at TTI Success Insights conference from the time when he was 9 years old.

Episode 10
“Things to do in Scottsdale” with Dave Clark

Dave Clark, Writer and Editor at TTI Success insights, talks about the places you can go in Scottsdale while you are at conference.

Episode 11
“Why you should attend the Sunday training” with Ashley Bowers

Why should everyone be attending conference and the Sunday training? Listen to a discussion with Ashley Bowers to find out why.

Episode 12
“The Benefits of Conference Networking” with Todd Fox

Join Todd Fox as he walks through the benefits of connecting with other VAAs at conference with three critical takeaways: Speak up often, find peers that can share best and worst practices, and state your need.

Episode 13
“Why you should attend ‘The Expensive Mistake’ at TTISICON” with Rico Peña

Rico Peña, Founder, Peña Global Consulting Group talks about the three biggest mistake he made in the corporate world and what did he learn from them.