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THURSDAY, January 11, 2018

7:30 AM to 3:00 PM

8:00 AM
TriMetrix® HD Re-certification Class

4:30 PM
Welcome Reception – All Attendees

Agenda items are subject to change.

FRIDAY, January 12, 2018


7:00 AM
Registration Opens

8:00 AM
Welcome Message
David Bonnstetter

8:30 AM
Opening Keynote
Kevin Paul Scott

9:15 AM
Networking Break

9:35 AM
Organizational Vision
Rick Bowers

10:05 AM
Professional Services Discussion
Adam Wong

10:25 AM
Research in the New Era
Dr. Ron Bonnstetter

10:45 AM
Networking Break
Networking break

11:05 AM
The Expensive Mistake I Learned When Selling to Corporate Clients
Rico Peña

11:25 AM
Finding Seeds of Excellence
Mark Debinski

11:45 AM
TTI Success Insights Awards Presentation

12:00 PM
Networking Lunch


1:30 PM

BREAKOUT SESSIONS – Choose one for each timeframe

Bulletproof Your Business: How to Make Your Company Indispensable
Charles Coker

Podcasting for Prospects
Suzie Price

Behaviors from Server to CEO: A Case Study
Cyndi Gave and Jeremy Gave

Lessons of Cancer and Adversity
Robb Hiller

2:15 PM
Networking Break

2:35 PM

BREAKOUT SESSIONS – Choose one for each timeframe

The Impact of Credibility on Business Success
Judy L. Suiter

3 Reasons Great Prospects Say “No”
Nancy Roberts

Reimagining Yourself as a Master Trainer
Donna Steffey

Directing Your Own Self-leadership
Dr. J.J. Meier

3:20 PM
Networking Break

3:40 PM

BREAKOUT SESSIONS – Choose one for each timeframe

Monetizing Assessments with Millennials
Cyrus Kennedy

Advisory Services Extended through TTI SI Data Mining

Myron Radio

Intentional Collaborations
Teresa Adams

4:25 PM

6:30 PM
Friday Evening Celebration

Agenda items are subject to change.

SATURDAY, January 13, 2018


8:00 AM

BREAKOUT SESSIONS – Choose one for each timeframe

Live Research Roundtable
TTI SI Research Team: Dr. Ron Bonnstetter, Dr. Eric Gehrig, and Robert Stokes

Rethinking Your Way to Higher Profitability
Lisa Bouchard

Team Debriefing in Action
Carol Mettenbrink & TTI Success Insights Staff

Exit Strategies Panel
Jim Corter, Skip Murray, Clay Eure, Krista Sheets

8:45 AM
Networking break

9:05 AM

BREAKOUT SESSIONS – Choose one for each timeframe

The Happiness Mindest
Dr. Izzy Justice

Identifying the White Space
Candice Frazer

Solving Business Problems Through Teams
Carla Fugit

The Aversion to Adversity
John Moore

9:50 AM
Networking Break

10:10 AM

BREAKOUT SESSIONS – Choose one for each timeframe

Dive Deeper into Organizations with Current Clients
Phil Bristol

Building Experiential Learning Experiences
Whit Mitchell

Mastering the Quick Benchmark
Lou Russell

Build Your Target Market of the Future
Steve Van Remortel

10:55 AM
Networking Break

11:15 AM

BREAKOUT SESSIONS – Choose one for each timeframe

Infiltrate the Client Culture with Assessments
Jim Corter

Make Communications Come Alive via an Add-on Modules
Steve Graham

Your Weekly 10-minute Competitive Analysis
Kefei Wang

Family Business Succession: Capitalizing on a $10 Trillion Opportunity
William Tom

12:00 PM
Networking Lunch


1:30 PM
Business Development for the Evolving Talent Management Industry
Rodney Cox

1:50 PM
Main Stage Presentation TBA

2:10 PM
TTI Success Insights Product Updates
Rick Bowers

2:30 PM
Networking Break

2:50 PM
TTI Success Insights Leadership Panel

3:20 PM
Closing Keynote: Reimagining Excellence for Tomorrow
Kevin Paul Scott

4:00 PM
Closing Remarks
David Bonnstetter

7:00 PM
Charity Night

Agenda items are subject to change.

SUNDAY, JAN 14, 2018

8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Post-event Training: Why, What, & How of TTI Success Insights’ Products

Agenda items are subject to change.


Why, What, & How Behind TTI Success Insights’ Products
Attending the Sunday Training will focus on Talent Insights®, Job Benchmarking, TriMetrix® EQ, and TriMetrix HD and how to effectively implement them into an existing solutions offering. Join Rick Bowers, President of Global Distribution, as he leads an interactive session about why the solution was built, how it works, and how you can use it to your best advantage. In this session, attendees will learn how to package and position TTI Success Insights products from VAA-experts on each product.

Cost: $195 (Add when you register)
When: January 14, 2018


TriMetrix® HD

Join this training in order to become re-certified in TriMetrix® HD. TriMetrix HD (HD stands for Hartman/DNA) incorporates four sciences and measures Behaviors, Driving Forces, Competencies, and Acumen and will be facilitated by Favor Larson, Senior Professional Services Consultant at TTI Success Insights.

Cost: $345 (Add when you register)
When: January 11, 2018

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